The Organizer of the scientific event is the School of Domestic and International Economy of Tourism from the Romanian - American University. The Romanian - American University is a higher education institution accredited by Law 274 from May 15th, 2002, which is very appreciated both nationally and internationally, in the field of education and scientific research equally.

The Romanian-American University was founded in 1991, having as aim the promotion of educational values ​​of the American system of higher education amid the rich traditions of Romanian education. The initiative for setting up the Romanian-American University belonged to Professor Dr. Ioan Smedescu, which, according to legal regulations in force, is also the founder of the Romanian-American University.

In 2009, the Romanian-American University was accredited by ARACIS with "Full Trust" unanimously. By everything that the Romanian-American University has accomplished so far, it has consolidated its position in the national system of education, and its activity has expanded to include new aspects that are necessary in the context of harsh competition on the highly qualified labour market from Romania and all over the world. The accomplishment of its mission and objectives has contributed to the increase of its fame among the Romanian universities, proving to be a viable alternative to the public higher education institutions.

RAU now offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs taught in Romanian, each providing personalized student opportunities and services and distinct educational philosophies, as well as two Bachelor programs fully taught in English: Computer Science for Economics and International Business and also six Master programs in English: Business Management in Tourism & Aviation, Computer Science for Business, Finance (a double degree program with Siena University, Italy), International Business and Entrepreneurship, International Economic Relations & Economic Diplomacy and Strategic Marketing. Moreover, there are opportunities such as an MBA program in partnership with De Sales University, additional short-term courses taught in English by outstanding international professors and guest speakers from top management positions (both Americans and Europeans), and internships in institutions that are relevant for student qualifications: banks and other financial institutions, the National Administration of Customs, hotels, airlines and tour-operators, companies and consultancy firms, European institutions etc.

RAU runs an Office for European Programs (with expertise in implementing Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus projects since 2001), a Lifelong Learning Department, an IATA Authorized Training Center; a Department for Asian Studies; a Microsoft Development Center; a Career Guidance Center. Moreover, RAU has a tradition in organizing International Summer Schools (in partnership with the University of Alabama in Huntsville) and other interdisciplinary events in partnership with public institutions and international companies (the Portuguese Embassy, the Camoes Institute, the US Embassy, the Japanese Embassy, Martifer Group, Japan Tobacco International, Toyota etc.).

In recent years, the Romanian-American University has organized over 35 scientific meetings, on which occasion a great amount of study and research themes from the annual Research Program were used and disseminated in the scientific academic world among researchers and specialists from research institutes and from small and medium companies.





Being one of the largest countries in Europe (the size of the United Kingdom or roughly half of France), Romania has a surface of 237,502 sq. km and a population of approx. 22 million inhabitants. Often compared to a "Latin island in a Slav sea", Romania features a unique familiar feeling in Eastern Europe: its language of a Latin origin, the Latin alphabet (quite rare in this part of Europe) and, moreover, the Latin personality and friendliness of its people - all making Romania a place where visitors feel very comfortable. The most outstanding attractions in Romania are: the enchanting monasteries of Bucovina, the Danube Delta, the largest natural reserve in Europe, a paradise for fishermen and birdwatchers, Transylvania - "the Land across the Woods", unspoiled countryside, with traditional rural civilization still alive, the Carpathian Resorts and Natural Parks etc.

Known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation for the high life (which in the 1900s earned its nickname of "Little Paris"), Bucharest, Romania's largest city and capital as well, is today a bustling metropolis. The nation's centre of cultural and economic life, it was founded more than 500 years ago and, despite the massive reconstruction of the 1980s, it remains a Garden City, leafy and pleasant, with cafes open on sidewalks in the summer, and with boats on its lakes and rivers. It also became very popular for its tremendous nightlife and various entertainment options.



We invite educators, researchers, Ph.D. students and all professionals working in both public & private sectors to submit the scientific papers for the Conference.


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